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Finding Harmony in Bible, Science and History


Genesis One and the Big Bang, Part 1

What does science tell us about our amazing universe, how it got started, and how did the original author of Genesis describe that singular event?

Ten Things a Christian Should Know

With Scripture as a basis and by factoring in data and evidence readily available from other sources both scientific and historical, we can arrive at certain conclusions that may test time-honored explanations from theological sources, but are “time-honored” explanations sufficient for 21st Century Christians?

Proposed Revision to KJV Genesis 1-11 Translation

When the King James translation of the Bible was produced in 1611, nothing was known of geology.

The Legend of Adapa

Extract from Historical Genesis a book by Dick Fischer

There is one historical person who, although swathed in myth, very well may have been Adam of the Bible.

Historical Genesis

In ancient Egypt about 2400 BC, a thousand years before Moses, two pyramids were carved by Semite stonecutters.

Moses and Sargon - A Striking Parallel

We all know the story of baby Moses placed in an "ark of bulrushes" by his Hebrew mother and floated on the water to find a home with Pharaoh's daughter.

Thirty Pieces of Silver

Hundreds of years before the Babylon period and the reign of Hammerabi, Sargon of Agade, through bold conquest, united nearly the entire middle east in 2371 BC.

A Picture Worth a Thousand Answers

Scientists Capture Best Image Ever of Universe's Beginning

By Rob Stein
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, February 12, 2003

A powerful satellite has captured the best picture ever taken of the infant universe, an image so detailed that scientists said it answers some of the most important questions about the cosmos, including when it was born and how it will probably die.

The Historical Genesis Flood

Parallel accounts of the flood, some written hundreds of years before Genesis was written, support its historical basis.

Euro rules force Church bodies to employ atheists

By Jonathan Petre, Religion Correspondent
(Filed: 25/01/2003)

Thousands of religious schools, charities and organisations could face legal action if they refuse to employ atheists or sack staff who become Satanists under proposed Government regulations.

Solving the Bible and Science Conflict (Creation versus Evolution)

ARLINGTON, Virginia (Genesis Proclaimed Association) - The Bible versus science conflict has tormented our education system since the Scopes "monkey" trial in the 1920's.